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Kira Kreativ - Emily Beeks Creative

The most beautiful thing to me is the soul. Beauty is more than skin deep, it’s spiritual.

As a child, Kira began painting and expressing herself visually at her dad's drafting table.  Professional artistry literally runs in her blood, and she couldn't ignore it.

At 14, Kira began modelling and fell in love with the world of fashion and beauty.  With a scholarship in fine arts, she studied Art History at the University of Victoria.  It was natural for Kira to start painting faces and she quickly fell in love with the artistic expression of makeup.

I love bringing out women's beautiful features and making them feel like their best selves. It's an absolute pleasure of mine to help women come into their own looks and style, or maybe discover a part of themselves they didn't know existed, all through the magic of makeup."

As a model and influencer, Kira has carved out a niche for herself with her unique facial features of bold, dark brows - which led her to a specialization in micro-blading. 


I was always shaping my friends eyebrows at sleepovers. Eyebrows were such a prominent part of my own face that I ended up noticing them on everyone else. Your eyebrows define your style!

Kira has been the face for several beauty companies aiming to cater to a more universal woman. With her multi-skills of being a makeup artist, model and microblading artist, it is very fitting!

I think we should not only be inspired by others but also be a source of inspiration ourselves.
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